Lunch (12:00 - 14:00)


Franconian liver dumpling soup 5,50 €
Potato cream soup (Veg.)
with roasted black bread
5,50 €

Main dishes

Fresh green salad in balsamic dressing with fried fillet of beef
and baguette
15,50 €
Fresh green salad in balsamic dressing with fried pork fillet
and baguette
13,00 €
Steak from Austrian Simmental beef
with green beans, pinot noir sauce and potato croquettes
17,50 €
Braised venison shoulder
in juniper sauce with red cabbage and potato dumpling
18,90 €
Medallions of pork in pepper sauce
with chips and salad
16,00 €
Braised beef cheek
with roasted bread dumpling and red cabbage
15,50 €
Beef and pork stripes in mustard sauce
with spätzle and salad
17,00 €
Roasted goose breast,
with savoy cabbage and potatoe dumpling
17,20 €
Fried calf's liver in Madeira sauce
with potatoes and salad
16,00 €
Fried pike-perch fillet in white wine sauce
with potatoes and salad
17,00 €
with mixed vegetables and salad
14,50 €


Backed apple
with vanilla ice and cream
7,50 €

Dinner (18:00 - 21:00)

Soups and Starters

Potato cream soup
with fresh truffle (veg.)
7,50 €
Beef tripe
in white wine sauce, with caraway and lemon
8,00 €
Clear Oxtail consommé
with ravioli from oxtail and biscuits of Chester cheese
9,50 €
Roasted scallops
on curry turnips mousse and foamed thyme butter
14,50 €
Fresh lamb´s lettuce
with red lentils, apple, verjus and gratin geats cheese
13,50 €

Meat dishes

Fillet from Austrian Simmentaler Beef
with courgette, parsley root, roasted onions and potatoes
33,50 €
Roasted suckling pig
with white cabbage Bavarian, caraway seed sauce and potatoes
22,00 €
Saddle of venison
whith pickled pumpkin, beetroot and "schupfnudeln"
32,00 €
Sliced calf's liver in Madeira sauce
with mashed potatoes and caramelized apple slices
17,50 €
Barbarie duck breast
in bleckberry ginger sauce, Burssels sprout with bacon and potato gratin
21,00 €

Fish dishes

Pike-perch fillet
on pernod spinach, roasted pine nuts and risotto with fresh truffel
29,00 €


"Bamberg onion"
filled with pearl barley, with mash from purple potatoes, dried olives and pepper oil
16,00 €


Choice of cheese
topped with red pepper
9,00 €

Homemade Dessert

Plum ragout
with vanilla cream and peach sorbet
9,50 €
Pineapple saffron ragout
with almond cream and blood orange sorbet
9,50 €

prices include 19% VAT
Lunch from 12:00 to 14:00 clock
Dinner from 18:00 to 21:00 clock

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