Franconian liver dumpling soup 5,80 €
Cream of potatoes (Veg.)
with croutons
5,80 €
Smoked salmon
potato pancakes, horseradish crema
11,00 €
Wild herb salad,
balsamic vinaigrette, pan fried chanterelles, baguette (vegan)
12,80 €


herbs-cream-sauce, roasted bread dumplings, side salad
16,80 €
Gnocchi in olive oil
with mixed vegetables
14,50 €

Main dishes

Lettuce, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Baguette
with Pan fried stripes of beef fillet
16,80 €
Lettuce, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Baguette
with Pan fried stripes of pork fillet
13,00 €
Lettuce, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Baguette
with Pan fried shrimp (Sustainable aquaculture)
17,80 €
Pork fillet medaillons
smoke beer-onion-sauce, homemade croquettes, side salad
15,00 €
Breaded veal escalope,
Pommes frites, cucumber salad
16,80 €
Veal stew,
Chanterelle cream sauce, homemade "Spätzle", side salad
19,00 €
Pan fried calfs liver,
Madeira sauce, caramelized apples, mashed potatoes
16,00 €
Braised ox cheeks,
Pinot noir sauce, red cabbage, roasted bread dumplings
14,80 €
Rump steak from Angus beef,
pepper cream sauce, green beans with bacon, pan fried potatoes
23,80 €
Braised lamb knuckle "Provencale"
Ratatouille, rosemary potatoes
15,00 €
Pan fried pike-perch fillet,
white wine sauce, leaf spinach, buttered potatoes
17,80 €


Assortment of gratinated cheese,
red pepper
9,00 €


pancake, yoghurt
8,80 €
Franconian strawberries,
Mousse au chocolate, elderflower sorbet
8,80 €

Additional offers starting 18:00

Lobster Consommé, Noble fish insert
7,80 €
Warm starter
Pan fried char fillet, Aubergine mousse, roasted bell pepper, Curry-oil
13,80 €
Main course
Saddle of lamb, white bean cream, carrots, spring onions, Dauphine potatoes
29,00 €
Main course
Fillet steak of Austrian Simmental beef, tomato-butter, melted onions, pears á la francaise
29,00 €
Franconian strawberries, Mousse au Chocolate, Elderflower sorbet
8,80 €
Menu 4-Courses (one Main course at choise) 57,00 €
Menu 3-Courses (without char fillet) 44,00 €

prices include 19% VAT
Lunch from 12:00 to 14:00 clock
Dinner from 18:00 to 21:00 clock

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